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My Corvette Legends Invitational Display is now at the
Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in Chicago!

2015 Musclecar and Corvette Nationals

I have a display of my own this year called the Corvette Legends Invitational.

I have hand-picked all the Corvettes for this very unique display. Even the most seasoned Corvette enthusiasts will be impressed.

Come and see Fuelies and Tankers in person!

This year I am celebrating the 1965 and 1970 Corvettes and all the Corvettes from my Invitational Display are featured in my new magazine.

So to continue the L88 Legend, I have created a new Corvette Magazine called Corvette Legends. Future issues of my magazine will feature articles and stories about the factory production street L88 Corvettes along with hand selected 50th, 45th, 55th Anniversary year Corvettes from my invitational display PLUS some extra surprises!!

Get your copy before they are all gone!

Here is the cover of my 2015 Corvette Legends Magazine!

Corvette Magazine

These limited edition copies will be handed out at the 2015 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals. I will not be mailing any copies of my Corvette Legends Magazine this year. So if you want a copy, please come to the show.


LT2 Corvette

This is just one of the Corvettes that you will see at the Corvette Legends Invitational Display.
It's restored as the ZL1 Automatic test car from the 1970 Press Preview Day.
Click on this link or the photo to view the article.


When it comes to Corvettes, if you want the best of the best,
just remember Corvette Legends.


I started buying, restoring, and selling Corvette in the 1970s, and since then, the hobby has grown to unexpected levels.

I've acquired a lot of Corvette information over the years so I decided to put some of it into my first book.

My 427 L-88 Corvette racing book is over 400 pages long and it's filled with over 500 color and black & white photos of all your favorite racing Corvettes.
Simply click on the book for more info!

Corvette Book

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C2 Corvettes

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C3 Corvettes

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C4 Corvettes

Grand Sport Corvette

Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette Updated !

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ZR1 Corvettes Updated !

Callaway Corvettes


C5 Corvettes
C5 Corvettes

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C5R Corvette at Daytona


C5 and C5R Corvette Comparison


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ZO6 Corvette Performance


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C6 Corvettes

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Breaking News!

C7 Corvette plans for L88 Engine Option.
Click here for the Story!


2015 Z06 Corvette

Daily Corvette C7 and Z06 News Articles:


Super Chevy Network

For Sale: Zora Duntov's Experimental 1955 Corvette $3500 OBO — Time Machine ...
Super Chevy Network
There were only 700 Corvettes built in 1955, so that places 1953's production run of 300 units at number one in rarity and bumps 1955 to second place. For a 21st Century Corvette collector buying a rare vintage Corvette can cost a bunch of money, but ...

The C67 is a C6 Corvette that Looks like a C7 Stingray Up Front
Torque News
If you are one of the people who loves the look of the new Corvette Stingray front end, but you still revoke the idea of anything other than round taillights on a modern Corvette, meet the Corvette C67 – a C6 Corvette chassis fitted with a customized ...


Pontiac Banshee: Killed by the Corvette
GM has this very backwards, often schizophrenic approach to the the Chevrolet Corvette. No car among any of its brands can have performance greater than that of the vaunted Corvette. It is an approach that has killed many cars through the years. And ...


Street racing crash ends in flaming Corvette
Another reason is that public roads can often have unexpected surprises, such as this road bump that caught out this 800-horsepower Corvette while it was street racing on a public highway at 150 mph. After hitting the bump, the driver loses control and ...

GM Authority (blog)

Inattentive Driver Totals Man's Dream Corvette C6 Grand Sport Less Than An ...
GM Authority (blog)
Wilhelm bought the Corvette on Monday afternoon around 4 p.m., but less than an hour later, the Chevrolet sports car was T-boned by a Ford Flex that had run a red light, forcing Wilhelm's Vette into a utility pole at the intersection of Hancock and ...


'Car was spinning in the air,' witness says after Corvette lands in yard
RICHMOND, Va. -- The driver of a Corvette that flipped in a South Richmond neighborhood Saturday morning has died and a passenger remains hospitalized. Police said the single-vehicle wreck happened around 9 a.m. in the 4000 block of Crutchfield Street ...

and more »

Business Insider

Apple CarPlay could completely disrupt the auto industry in one important way ...
Business Insider
GM lent us a Corvette Stingray that was CarPlay-equipped. The Stingray was Business Insider's 2015 Car of the Year, and, for our money, it's just about the best high-performance bargain in the market. So you're really supposed to be thinking about how ...

and more »

Yahoo Autos

Cadillac President Hints that 2017 Mid-Engine Corvette is Real
Yahoo Autos
For some time now, rumors, renders, and whispers in the night have circulated regarding an upcoming mid-engine C8 Corvette. If the claims ring true it's suggested to arrive in 2017, retain eight cylinders, and elevate the heady 'Vette from sports car ...

and more »


Chevrolet Lets Corvette Buyers Color Outside of the Lines
PORTLAND, Oregon — Chevrolet allows Corvette buyers to do the unthinkable: Order color combinations that are not recommended for the 2016 Stingray. For example, say a buyer wants a bright yellow model with a red interior. It's not recommended, but it ...


See photos of 2016 cars (Corvette, Shelby Mustang, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari ...
HARTFORD — The family car is getting along in years and the repair bills prove the point, so it time to start to look for a new set of wheels. The annual Connecticut International Auto Show came to a close this past weekend, as automobile ...

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