1998 Corvette Convertible


The 1998 Corvette Convertible was such a hit,
that the editors of Motor Trend magazine named it the 1998 Car of The Year!






The all-aluminum small block V-8 may have been done for weight and
economic purposes for late '90s standards, but for the true Corvette aficionado,
it represents the coolest of COOL. All-aluminum engines were once only
reserved for the elite of road racers and drag racers with the factory
available ZL-1 427 cubic inch engine of years gone by.
Having an all-aluminum engine as STANDARD equipment today can completely
blow away the minds of anyone who has owned Corvettes for the past forty years or so.
It is a symbolic feature that represents the best of the BEST!


The available 5-spoke magnesium wheels are not only graceful and elegant,
but also really cool to look at!


The cockpit of the C5 convertible is as modern as they come. However, the designers didn't forget the Corvette's roots when designing this model.


This Corvette is both state of the art and retro at the same time. Cruising down main street, or driving cross country, this car can do it all.


The contour of the convertible deck lid is reminiscent of the C1 Corvette
which was produced from 1953-1962. The fiberglass is artistically contoured around
each seat with a slender arm of fiberglass dividing the cockpit.
The front fender engine vents are reminiscent of the C3 Corvette(1973-1982)
which gracefully allow excessheat to escape from the engine compartment.
The available 5-spoke magnesium wheels bring back memories of
the late sixties when L-88 Corvettes ruled the race tracks around America.

This C5 Corvette encompasses all that is Corvette!

The C5 Corvette convertible is representative of what
American sports car and hot rodding pop culture is all about!


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