Lingenfelter 383 C5 Corvette


The 5th generation Corvette has been available to the

public for about 8 months now, and already the breed

has been improved. John Lingenfelter has performed

his mechanical magic on the C5 Corvette, and here is

the result:


This is the Lingenfelter massaged LS1 engine

The factory original appearance allows this car to

be the ultimate modern day sleeper!

This engine is completely new. The all aluminum

engine poses some unique high performance hurdles

that need to be executed properly.

This new aluminum block uses pressed-in cylinder

sleeves which only allow a maximun overbore of .010".

Therefore, the only way to substantially increase the

size of the engine is with the use of a custom 3.875"

stroker crank. John's end result is a 370 cubic inch

monster. As far as the horsepower is concerned,

with this new found displacement and the help of

John's own custom ground camshaft, the end result

is 450+ horsepower !!

This enhanced engine allows the C5 Corvette to

accelerate through the 1/4 mile in 12.2 sec. and

reach 118 MPH in the traps !!

This type of performance hasn't been achieved in

a new Corvette since the days of Zora's L-88 and ZL-1

road racing packages of 1969. These 427 cubic inch

engines have always been considered by most Corvette

aficionados as the "Ultimate Corvette". Now, with

this modified C5 Corvette, the legendary big blocks

of the 60's have some serious competition.





Cosmetically, John's Corvette doesn't look any

different from it's factory original C5 bretheren,

except for the new GM Magnesium wheels.

These wheels are made by Speedline in Italy and

are offset 4 mm inside the fenders.

This is done for the european customers where

there are regulations regarding the amount of

fender that covers over the tire.


This 5 spoke "star" design is very attractive and

flows well with the curves of the Corvette body.

There is a slight "bronze" tint to it's casting

which nicely differentiates itself from the previous

aluminum ZR-1 type Corvette wheels.

These magnesiun wheels provide a very nice enhancement to

the overall esthetics of the Corvette.