1998 NCRS Corvette National Meet


When most Corvette owners and enthusiasts are asked
what their favorite model year might be, they respond
by stating their particular model year that they own
or the year that they wished that they did own at one time,
or would like to own. Option codes such as Z06, L-72, LS-6, LT-1,
and nick names such as fuelie, tri-power, big block,
etc. are whispered with such mythological esteem, that only
the gods could have created these beautiful,
yet brutal mechanical fiberglass beasts.





The National Corvette Restorer's Society, or the NCRS for short,
is the creme de la creme of all Corvette Clubs.
Each year, the NCRS has regional meets which span the
United States, and one national meet at a different
location each year. This year for the 25th Anniversary
of the club's formation, the meet was held just outside
the original home of the Corvette, St. Louis Missouri,
at the Gateway Center in Collinsville Illinois.




Most of us have attended an untold number of car shows
in our lifetimes. These local shows draw many nicely
restored Corvettes which usually are head and shoulders above
all the other cars at the show. An NCRS gathering draws
perfect examples of all the model years. So perfect in fact,
that the judges must be so knowledged of their particular
generation of Corvettes, that the points awarded and taken away
are due to factors such as the pattern on the head of a bolt,
the proper location and color of a wire, the correct tag
or marking on the chassis, etc., etc.

Only the best of the best enter into the NCRS meets.


Attending an NCRS meet is akin to walking down memory lane.
All the model years are well represented from 1953-1982.
The newest generations are not included in the NCRS
as classics just yet! A visual imspection of these 50's models
reveals several features that have never been touched upon
in the usual automotive magazines.



When was the last time you saw so many '67 427 Corvettes
lined up in showroom, or sometimes better than showroom condition?
400 horse tri-power air conditioned coupes and convertibles abound.

The NCRS is a wonderful organization for Corvette owners
and enthusiasts. Being a member is like being in a fraternity.
You're always welcome, and there are so many memories,
facts, trivia, and comradery to share, that the experiences
are always positive and memorable.


You can contact the NCRS here.

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