ZR-1 Corvette

The 1990- 1995 ZR-1 Corvette is a modern day classic.

Back in the 80's, the on-board computers were not as

sophisticated as today's chips. The only way to increase

power output besides turbocharging, was through

multi-valve cylinder heads. The ZR-1 32 valve engine

was derived from one of GM's subsidiery holdings, Lotus.

The power output was always directly related to the

emissions level requirement and insurability factors for

each appropriate model year.

When released in 1990, the ZR-1 engine, code-named

LT-5, developed 375 net horsepower.



It was powerful enough to propel the Corvette down

the 1/4 mile in 13.3 sec @ 108 MPH

As computer technology improved, and with the help of

improved airflow and cam timing, the power output

would grow the 405 net horsepower in the last few

years of it's production run.

The increase in power resulted in 13.1 sec 1/4 miles

@ 112 MPH !!


The doors and rear fenders and rear bumper were

unique to the ZR-1.



The overall width of the body was increased in the rear

of the ZR-1 to accomodate the very large rear wheels

and tires that were necessary to handle the tremendous

power of this exciting Corvette.

17 X 11 rear wheels were used with 315/35ZR17 GS-C

Goodyear tires and 17 X 9.5 wheels were used up front

with 275/40ZR17 GC-S Goodyears.

.9 G's of cornering strength were well in grasp of even

the most timid drivers. 1 G was more the norm.


During it's production run, there were a total of four

different factory wheels used.






1993 40th Anniversary ZR-1





Besides the unique aluminum wheels, ZR-1 Corvettes

are adorned with different emblems as well.


Black lettering on light backgrouds.


Silver lettering on dark backgrounds.


Chrome 40th ZR-1 Emblem.


Even more elaborate and more powerful ZR-1's were

available, but you'll have to wait till next month...

when the customized ZR-1's hit the web !


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